Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form SF-86

Instructions and Help about Form SF-86

This is Justin Carmack co-founder of andhaka security your partner and national security clearance today we're here discussed the sf-86 questionnaire for national security positions this form is used by federal investigative agencies to conduct background investigations for civilian employees military personnel and government contractors these investigations are ultimately adjudicated for national security clearances and orde fitness determinations most of you will be using the equipt which is the Office of Personnel Management or OPM's online system used for gathering data found on the sf-86 however we encourage all of our clients to complete the paper version of the sf-86 prior to logging into the equip system if this information is readily available it makes completing the online questionnaire much easier in addition if you check yes to sections in the form you'll be prompted to provide additional information it is important that all information entered into the form the accurate concurred lists of how many additional questions or additional information you are required to provide there to provide accurate information can lead to a statement of reasons to deny your eligibility to occupy a sensitive position and/or access classified information in addition data entered into this form is bounced against the optional form 306 or the Oh F 306 and your resume to ensure consistency among the forms that you were to disclose accurate information on these forms could lead to an unfavorable suitability determination or an objection or pass over for the position if you have questions regarding these topics or unique situation please visit our website or contact our office or advise the first four sections of this form seem very basic which should not be taken for granted in Section one enter your last name first name middle initial and suffix this should be your legal name for Section two and in your birthday when completing the equip this information should already be entered into the system by the personnel security specialists that handled your case however this information is sometimes entered incorrectly it is important that you double-check the data to ensure it is correct section three is important and will be used throughout your entire the federal government your birthday is logged into several databases including jpas scattered castles in CVS oftentimes this information will be found on request for adjudication which are submitted by the hiring agency they may also be used during visit requests when you visit other agencies or other facilities section 4 is arguably the most important section of the form currently the federal government is trying to reduce the use of Social Security numbers in their databases and in correspondence the Department of Defense has gone to the extent of assigning identification numbers to anyone issued a common access card or a cap cut of what's referred to as a CAC card however for the purposes of investigations and for security Social Security numbers are used almost exclusively it's used to track your investigative and adjudicated history that


How do I know if I have security clearance?
As a general rule, you’ll remember the dozens of pages of paperwork you filled out in the form of an SF-86 or SF-85. But if you’re not sure (common for some military enlistees who had to fill out a lot of other paperwork), here’s more information on how to check on your security clearance status: How Do I Check on My Security Clearance Status? - ClearanceJobs
How do you get government security clearance?
I’ve answered this in detail, but the short version is in the United States, you cannot apply for a government security clearance unless you have a sponsor.The sponsor can include:Government organizations/Military: CIA, FBI, NSA, Department of X, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, etc.Government Contractors: Examples include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed MartinOther similar groups that I might be missingGovernment security clearances are given out by the Department of Defense.Shantanu
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How does an American go about getting a secret clearance (many jobs seem to require one)?
Long story short, you’d need to obtain a federal job that would get you a clearance. You’d need to be in good standing with that job. You’d also need to adhere to all rules, laws, regulations, and any other legal policies that relate to classified information and security clearances.The US government takes classified information very seriously. Obtaining a Secret Clearance is not very difficult. But be sure to be honest and ask questions if you don’t understand anything. As for Top Secret or “TS” clearance, it still isn’t too difficult but you must truly be a trustworthy individual and there are some automatic disqualification situations. There are also specific clearance investigations “above” TS. Such as Top Secret Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI). These may require a polygraph examination.I recommend you google USA Jobs and read their information regarding background checks and clearances for federal jobs.Again, I realize you likely are requesting this to obtain a civilian contractor job and they require you to already possess a clearance. Therefore, you must obtain a federal job first. Usually they require this because clearance investigations are expensive.
Why does Jared Kushner keep updating his SF-86 form?
In the spirit of Hanlon's Razor (“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”), let’s assume Jared Kushner is honestly just catching up from the frenzy of the campaign, the overwhelm of his White House job, adjusting to family life in a new city, the culture shock of an even more public life than the husband of a Trump, and the sudden auditing and public analysis of every little thing he’s done. Ever. I’d guess Kushner was introduced to and spent five minutes with at least five thousand people last year. I doubt he logged or scheduled every interaction. He now has a part time job reconstructing his past and having his team make sure he updates his SF-86 as his recent history comes into focus. It’s normal to update your disclosures because you honestly didn’t recall at the time you first filed them, many public officials do this and it’s why there’s a process for amending your SF-86.On the other hand…
Can I get a government security clearance with an old (25+ years) possession of marijuana charge? It says NFOG (no finding of guilt) on FBI report.
Tagging onto what Shaban said in his response, if that's the ONLY issue, there are no worries. One thing you may want to be aware of is that the investigator will still ask you the same questions regarding drug use and criminal activity that he/she would if it was an ongoing or current problem: When was the last time you used drugs? Frequency of drug use? Ever sold drugs? Still associate w/people who use drugs? etc. etc. No need to freak out, those are required questions no matter how old or small the drug issue is on the SF-86. Disclose it on your form, remember it's way worse to have the investigator find out about it from other sources than from you. Then it becomes and honesty issue. For more reading on security clearance issues, check out my blog.  The mystery & stress of filling out the SF-86 for a Security Clearance - Leah Downing